Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Chocolate Fondant

This is a great recipe for a dinner party as most of the effort and time goes into the prep then all you have to do is  put it in the oven what could be easier? The finished product looks great and to finish off the dish you could serve it with some really good quality ice -cream or home-made ice-cream (I say good quality because, I have found that the cheaper ice-creams have a really sweet flavour and the moderately expensive ice-creams have a rich creamy taste.)

500g Unsalted Butter
2 Tsp Cocoa Powder (For Dusting)
50g Good Quality Chocolate (70% Cocoa)
1 Egg
1 egg Yolk
60g Castor Sugar
50g Plain Flour


  1. Pre-heat the oven to 160/ gas mark 2-3
  2. butter to ramekins, dust liberally with cocoa powder
  3. Slowly melt the chocolate and butter over a ban marie
  4. Take off the heat and stir until smooth and combined, leave to cool for 10 Minutes
  5. Whisk the egg, the egg yolk and sugar until pale and thick
  6. Add the egg to the chocolate mixture and then fold in the flour
  7. Divide into two ramekins and bake for 12 Minutes.
*In the photo the chocolate fondant is served with; chocolate sauce, pistachio sauce, pistachio ice-cream and some lightly roasted pistachio nuts

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