Saturday, 24 March 2012

Sunday Brunch

I know today isn't Sunday but keep your plans open for a change. As last Sunday was mothers day (Sunday the 18th of March) my sister and I decided it would be nice to bring "the mother" out for a Sunday brunch in Howth, we went to the House which is just up the hill (towards the church on the same side of the street as centra).

It was kind of busy, I haven't been there before so I don't know if it was busy because it was mothers day or that's just how it is on a Sunday, anyway the service was great, anyone who knows me knows I love my coffee so we had that to start and it was fantastic!!, really good coffee not to strong not too weak - just right!

I was torn between the pancakes with either the crispy bacon and melon or with the fruits- so I decided neither, I had the chicken and apple sausages with mash and gravy, don't forget this is brunch by the time the food came it was almost half one and in my house on a Sunday that's the time the roast is out on the table.

The sausages were really nice I didn't really get a chicken flavour but the had this subtle sweetness which was really nice, the gravy tasted like it has caramelised onions in it but there were no onions just the sweet yet savoury flavour which was really nice, the mash was perfect no lumps - which is a pet hate if you can't mash potatoes properly there is something wrong!

We finished off the meal with some more coffee of course and with 5 people all having breakfast and tea/coffee it came to about 60 euro. So if your looking for a change, a treat some Sunday why not try the house?