Tuesday, 18 October 2011

What's for Dinner - Fillet Steak with Spinach and Mustard Mash, Green beans and Glazed Carrots

Yes before I start I admit it is fancy, but you deserve a treat every once in a while. This dish compliments itself really well and it quite quick to do - well depending on how well organised you are, how hungry you are (it makes a difference) and how you like your steak cooked.

With fillet beef treat it well, it's the best quality of beef you can get and if you have it nurture it don't attack it with a meat hammer!

1 Fillet of Beef
3 Turned Carrots
8 Green Beans
400g Mashed Potato
100g Spinach
15g Wholegrain Mustard
Salt and Pepper

80ml Red Wine
10g Butter
Salt and Pepper
Pinch Sugar


  1. Get the prep work out of the way, turn you carrots, top and tail the green beans. 
  2. Make the glaze by putting a pinch of sugar a small amount of water and some butter in the base of the pan and steam the vegetables, bear in mind the sugar will caramelise just don't let it burn. It is difficult to do glazed vegetables in a small quantity but I love a challenge! To cook the beans just cook in boiling salted water then place in ice water they can be heated with the carrots later.
  3. Mash combine the spinach, potatoes, seasoning and mustard and heat up before serving.
  4. Have a heavy based pan on high heat preferably a grill pan (that gives the nice grill lines to the steak)
  5. Season the steak and put it on.
  6. In another pan add the wine and allow to reduce, add the seasoning and the sugar, before serving add the butter to give extra richness, the wine should reduce well to a sticky jus (well reduced intense flavored sauce) 
  7. Finish cooking your steak, turn it over and finish in the oven please do not burn the bottom of the pan making a well done steak put the oven at gas mark 6/200 degrees and finish it in the oven for 10mins.

Plate up and enjoy!

I know what you are now thinking she doesn't have any carrots in her picture I know I got home and all the carrots were gone so i decided to quickly cook them on a grill pan with no oil just to soften them a bit, I chose; red pepper, green beans, mangetout and mushrooms.

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