Thursday, 13 December 2012

Gateaux Mille Feuille

This is a custard slice they aren't normally known by their french names. you can alter this to just creme Chantilly and by adding some coffee essence to the fondant and make a coffee slice. there are no measurement below because its all up to you, these are the ingredients but the sizes you want or the amount of fillings you want is entirely up to you!

Gateau Mille Feuille

Puff Paste Trimmings
Crème Patisserie
Raspberry Jam
Boiled Apricot Jam
Fondant Icing


  1. Cut the cooked paste into three even pieces, spread two layers with a light coating of jam. Spread an even layer of pastry cream on the first piece, place the second piece on top, repeat the process once more, finally placing the final layer on top with the reverse side up.
  2. Brush with boiling apricot glaze; allow to cool, pour a thin layer of fondant over the top, using a palette knife spread evenly over the top taking care not to draw crumbs through the icing.
  3.  Pipe lines of chocolate on top the length of the piece, using a small knife, draw the fondant and chocolate backwards and forwards at even spaces, thereby creating a marbled effect on top.
  4. To create the design (its called feathering) get a matchstick and before the mix sets run it against the chocolate piping. 

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