Friday, 13 July 2012

Cupcake Adventures; Mighty Mini Attacks

This week was the beginning and the end of the shortbread, I was finally done with the wedding favors but on with the Scottish themed shortbread - so shortbread with a variety of decorations to the Highland cow, to a thistle to a Scottish terrier, it was different getting to be very creative with the shortbread this week, all good things must come to an end though. Shortbread week ended and it was an attack of the Mighty Mini Cakes and the even Mightier Mini-Mini Cakes, it was a fierce battle some were fruit cakes which meant I had to face the dreaded marzipan - even thinking about it is horrifying, everything about marzipan is just wrong - I'm digressing. The Mini Cakes and the mini-mini cakes needed to be iced and then decorated, some were to be with a Scottish theme so with thistles and flags, some terriers, and some roses I also decorated some with flowers, stars and Happy Birthday just for the general public. This week though ended on a cupcake high with the "Wicked" themed cupcake tower, which was vanilla cupcakes with green decorations and it was on a black iced board with a green ribbon.

That's on for this installment of Cupcake Adventures tune in next time!

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