Monday, 2 July 2012

Cake adventures - June 2012

I have now completed my first month of cake adventures there has definitely been highs and lows, but it has all
been new and exciting adventures. After a well deserved break (in my opinion) I will be returning to Scotland after my brief reappearance in Dublin where I once again reclaimed my role as head chef!

Just a few words on cake adventures as I sit here in Starbucks in Dublin airport gloating over the fact I got through security with a bagful of Irish classics in my hand luggage! I have some soda bread, some homemade brown bread, a selection of soups, some chocolate and butter, I know what your thinking "surely chocolate tastes the same in Scotland" - no it doesn't it's a bit sweeter there, well to me!

Thinking about the nice weather there was a bit in Dublin this weekend unlike Scotland where the rain is the only thing you can be sure about but I will adapt I will return in 2 months with webbed feet I'm sure!

The cake adventures this month have been plentiful if I think about how much I got to do - some photos I have posted to my Facebook and how much I have learnt in only one month I can only imagine what I will get to see and do is very exiting for a young Irish girl to go to Scotland they expected me to come to work all "top of the morning laddy" and I expected them to wear kilts all the time and have bagpipes as a ringtone - they don't which is a bit disappointing!

Scotland has definitely been a change but something I'm not going to forget anytime soon, will keep you posted on how things are going.

Tune in next time for the next instalment of CAKE ADVENTURES!!!!!!!

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