Friday, 25 May 2012

Tart Tatin

The thing about tart tatin is that it is made in a pan and put straight in the oven so you need to make sure your pan is oven proof, I bought a cast iron pan in Lidl for €25, make sure you keep an eye out for deals. That’s the main problem with tart tatin you could….. caramelise the apples a little and line a tart mould place the apples in and some puff pastry on top prick a few holes and cook it that way you could do individual ones and it would be a way around making them if you didn’t have an oven proof pan. Alternatively you can make mini individual ones using mini tart-let moulds with the apple on the bottom if it is not non stick you may need some parchment paper to help to take out the tart.

6 Medium Dessert Apples (Bramley)
1 Lemon – Juiced
113g Butter
227g Caster Sugar
255g Puff Pastry Trimmings


  1. Peel, core and halve the apples, sprinkle with the lemon juice, set aside to chill.
  2. Spread the butter evenly on the base of a sautuer, sprinkle the bottom of the pan with the sugar.
  3. Arrange the apples rounded side down on the bottom of the pan, cook on top of range till just coloured then cover with a disk of puff paste.
  4. Transfer to a hot oven and cook for a further 20 minutes, until the pastry is risen and golden.
  5. As soon as the tart is cook, carefully turn it out on to a round serving dish, the pastry is now on the
  6. Bottom with the apples on top, serve hot with vanilla ice cream

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